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  • Tumble belt shot blasting machine
  • Tumble belt shot blasting machine
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● Located in the Main production zone of Foundry Machinery in China–Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province.
● Superior geographical location; Conveniently transport by Sea、Air、Land .
● Modern comprehensive large Foundry machinery enterprise integrated Research、Develop & Operate.
● Nearly 30 years experience in Foundry machine industry; with 15 experienced technical engineers; more than 100 skilled workers, OEM & ODM service is available.
● “New High Tech Enterprise”(Technical) & “AAA Credit Enterprise” (Integrity management).
● Passed “BV”、”CE”、”ISO” (Quality management & Environment management) Certification.

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    Covering an area of nearly 10000 square meters, own Property right.
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    30 years experience
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    With 15 experienced technical engineers
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    more than 100 skilled workers

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  • Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

    Steel Plate Shot Blast...

    BH Blasting——Q69 Series Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine, make your job more efficiency and save your cost Overview of Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine strongly blast the sheet metal and profiles to remove surface rust, welding slag and scale, making it slow uniform metal color, improve coating quality and corrosion prevention effect. Its processing range from 1000mm to 4500mm, and it can easily integrated intro preservation lines for automatic painting. T...

  • Steel pipe shot blasting machine

    Steel pipe shot blasti...

    Steel pipe shot blasting machine Steel pipe shot blasting machine is a new type of special shot blasting equipment designed to user requirements, which is specially used for cleaning the outer wall of large circular steel pipes and wind power wind towers, and at some situations to clean inner and outer walls surfaces of steel pipes. Through shot blasting, not only can remove rust, scale, welding slag, casting sand on the surface of the workpiece, but it also can reduce the internal stress of ...

  • BHMCBD series Pulse back blowing bags type Dust collector

    BHMCBD series Pulse ba...

    What’s the function of dust collector It separates the dust from the flue gas is called a dust collector or dust removal equipment. The role of the dust collector will be to filter out these dusts. For example, in coal mines, some coal powder will appear during construction. For construction workers, These dusts will have a great impact on their bodies, and may also explode. These dusts can be filtered out by the dust collector. Vibrating bag dust collector and pulse dust collector are two co...

  • Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

    Tumble Belt Shot Blast...

    Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine This series machine are suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of medium or small size castings forge pieces variety of hardware Metal stamping And other small size metal workpieces.   For different production capacity, machine can work alone or work together in a line. Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine technical Parameters Item Unit  Q326  QR3210 QS3215  QS3220 QLX32320 Productivity kg/h 600-1200kg/h 2000-3000kg/h 4...

  • QXY Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

    QXY Steel Plate Pretre...

     Product Parameters Item Type QXY1000 QXY1600 QXY2000 QXY2500 QXY3000 QXY3500 QXY4000 QXY5000 Size of Steel Plate Length(mm) ≤12000 ≤12000 ≤12000 ≤12000 ≤12000 ≤12000 ≤12000 ≤12000 Width(mm) ≤1000 ≤1600 ≤2000 ≤2500 ≤3000 ≤3500 ≤4000 ≤5000 Thickness(mm) 4~20 4~20 4~20 4~30 4~30 4~35 4~40 4~60 Processing speed (m/s) 0.5~4 0.5~4 0.5~4 0.5~4 0.5~4 0.5~4 0.5~4 0.5~4 Shotblasting rate (kg/min) 4*250 4*250 6*250 6*360 6*360 8*360 8*360 8*490 Thickness of painting 15~25 15~25 15~...

  • BHQ26 series sand blasting container with economic price

    BHQ26 series sand blas...

    sand blasting container It is mainly composed of shot blaster assembly, shot blasting room, trolley transportation system, dust removal system, electrical control system and other parts. 1 Shot blasting room The shell of the shot blasting cleaning room is made of color steel rock wool sandwich composite board and rectangular steel welding riveting structure, which is a strong, sealed and spacious operation space for shot blasting of the workpiece. The shot blasting cleaning room is composed o...


  • Advantages of using a trolley-type & pass through-type shot blasting machine

    https://www.qdbhmachinery.com/uploads/80T-turn-table-shot-blasting-machine-commissioning.mp4 Shot blasting is a very effective method when it comes to surface preparation and finishing. Shot blasting machines are commonly used in various industries to clean, strengthen or polish metal surfaces. One po...

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    BH company newly developed a new multi-tube cyclone

    BH Company has newly developed a new multi-tube cyclone dust collector (XX tube). The single tube can handle an air volume of 1000 m3 / h, which can improve the separation efficiency of the pellet residue separator and ensure the stability of the air volume and air pressure in the separation area...